About Meh

I peaked when I won my 5th grade spelling bee and it's all been downhill since.

One day I'll write an actual 'about me' thingy but for now I'm eating candy for breakfast instead. 


  1. You ladies sound awesome! Lauren...I can't believe you said that about expired foods...I'm super paranoid about expiration dates! People think it's so wierd and I've been waiting to hear i'm not alone in that! Love the blog guys!


  2. you guys are hilarious! love that lauren mentioned mary-kate and ashley movies. my best friend and i are obsessed! haa

  3. Well well.. look who is just darn cute.

    XO kelsey rae.

  4. Love this! I just found your blog(:
    I'm Mormon also; it's always fun when I can find another one in the blogging sphere!

    Would you let me guest post or would you take my button?

    -Abbigayle Rashae

  5. Not to be creepy buuut I saw Maddie on campus the other day in the library. I love you blog together as best friends/roomies :)


  6. You guys are cuties ^^ I also happen to love many of the things you guys mentioned so yay! :)
    Will be following your blog.

  7. So I just came across your blog and Madison, I think I am friends with your sister britney? I don't want to mention your last name if its not common knowledge on your blog?

  8. My husband is the SAME way with expired food!! hahaha Adorable blog! xoxo

  9. Such a cute blog!! We grabbed one of your buttons for our new (nearly finished) vintage travel & lifestyle site! Would love for you to come visit when it is (we promise it'll be soon)

    until then follow us at @ladieswhotea where we will announce the grand opening...

    Love Grace & Aimee,
    The Ladies who Do, Tea for Two. x

  10. just found your blog! it's so cute, and you 2 are just SO cute! love it! :D

    ♥, sarah
    {your newest follower}
    the life of a redhead

  11. oh goodness, how have i not found this blog earlier. remember when we were neighbors and it was totally super great? yep. good to see you pretty girls are doing well!

  12. very cute blog, girls! you both have great style! xo

  13. Love the blog! So cute and fun!!!! If you ever want any health and fitness love, come visit me at ashleybensonfitness.com! :)


  14. The Struggles of a Teenage Girl
    thats MY BLOG(: Come read!!!


  15. Just came across your blog from Whispering Sweet Nothings! (I eat candy for breakfast too, so glad I'm not alone there.) Looking forward to getting to know you better via blogland! :)

    Emily from www.embergrey.com


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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