Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Me, The Sea, and Anne B

sweater: hm
shorts: old navy (on sale!)
bag: anne b. designs c/o

First things first, these pictures must have been taken at that magical time of day when the sunset makes your skin look the same color as your leather purse. So there's that. #brownpeopleproblems

Second things second, let's talk about this purse from Anne B Designs. If you have been following me on the instagram, you know that I recently got back from what would best be known as a "mega trip" (aka, a completely unreasonable and poorly planned, but totally awesome road trip from Utah to Southern CA to Seattle) and this trusty little cross body stayed by my side the whole time. Literally.

Anne B Designs was founded by this really incredible girl named Sarah. You see, there are people who do well in the world, and there are people who do good. Sarah happens to do both. Not only does she make really adorable products, she also teaches women in third world countries how to sew so they can make a living for themselves. How cool is that? Well, Sarah currently has a crowdfunding campaign going to help fund her Made Collection that will allow her to fulfill her dream of starting a sewing school right here in Salt Lake City. Check out the video!

There's only a couple days left of the campaign and she's just under her goal, so be sure to donate HERE! And of course, stop by Anne B Designs to check out all dem cute bags!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Foul Creature of the Night

shirt: c/o PB + J Boutique
jeans: hm
sunnies: c/o Kameleonz
necklace: army surplus
shoes: urban outfitters
*pictures by Kenzie Gossling Photography*

If you've known me for a while, or just long enough to memorize my sleeping patterns (which takes less time than you'd think), you know that I don't sleep. Ever.

I mean, for the most part, being a human is great. You get to clearly articulate your thoughts and feelings with the use of language, and opposable thumbs are pertinent to important activities like texting and "What has two thumbs and _______? THIS GUY!!!" type jokes.

But if there's anything that really gets me down about being human it's the fact that sleep is a necessity. Like, don't get me wrong. I enjoy cuddling up to my boo-thang for Sunday naps just as much as the next girl. But do you not realize how much I could get done in the 8 hour span of time it takes to get a decent night's sleep? Do you not realize how many more wikipedia pages I could have in my repertoire of useless information if I could actually utilize all 24 hours? When you examine the ratio of episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on Netflix to the amount of hours in a day, sleep just seems so arbitrary. It's simple math people.

So when I saw this "Creature of the Night" shirt from PBJ Boutique, it just felt right. Think of it as a silent protest to the oppression of Sleep, and a way to marginalize my crippling insomnia.

Or just as a cute, comfy tee. That works too.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

That one time I graduated college.

*photos by Emma Vidmar Photography

Since I never sent out graduation announcements, and I have virtually no use for these pictures except to please my mother, I figured I'd post them here. And since I already got all mushy gushy about graduating, let me just give you the highlights of what actually went down on graduation day. For posterity's sake.

- buying my tassel from the bookstore, then immediately throwing it away on accident after absentmindedly stuffing it in the paper bag my two maple donuts (read: breakfast) came in.

- having to go back to the bookstore and explain to the cashier how I needed to buy another tassel for my "friend". You know, the same "friend" I bought that second maple donut for.

- getting to walk around all day in an oversized, shapeless sack. Or what I like to call, The Snuggie Lite.

- hearing the BYU Bell Tower play Vitamin C's "Graduation".

- lining up to walk into the Marriott Center and seeing at least 5 other bloggers, who were also graduating in the same school as me (Family, Home, and Social Sciences), begging the question: Did we choose this major because we're bloggers, or are we bloggers because we chose this major? Suddenly, I'm questioning everything.

- fancy dinner c/o The Chris and Josie Nielsen Foundation for Directionless College Grads.

- my BYU alumni t-shirt. Free w/ purchase of 5 years tuition.

So there's that.


Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Confessions

top: anthropologie (old, but loving this one and pretty much all of these)
jeans: joe's jeans
sandals: urban outfitters (almost sold out, but these work too. Or these)
necklace: the green brocade
sunglasses: urban outfitters (similar)

Confession #1: These pictures were originally taken for light-testing purposes only, as in, I never intended to actually post them here until I found them on Emma's computer and thought, "Why the heck not?" So please excuse my peace-sign bearing, duck-faced tool poses.

Confession #2: I just bought a pair of overalls. From Wal-Mart. And I've worn them almost every day since I got them. What have I become?

Confession #3: I promised myself I would delete 2048 immediately after I beat it. Well 2048 came and went, and here we are trying to get to 4096 now. If you haven't played it yet, here's a word to the wise: Don't do it. Don't make the same mistakes I did. You have more to live for than this.

Confession #4: For the first time in my life, I have a sunburn. And for the first time in my life, I feel like I finally have a deep, personal connection to #whitepeopleproblems.

Confession #5: Ok. I finally gave in and watched Frozen. Still think it's overrated. Still don't understand why full-grown adults are peeing their pants over this movie. Still can't get "Let it Go" out of my head. Ugh.

So ready for the weekend. For more Friday Confessions, go HERE.


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Let's talk about me being naked some more.

dress: c/o sheinside
blazer: f21 (old)
clogs: urban outfitters (on sale for $20! get on that, my fly, budget-conscious homegirls)
belt: thrifted

If you haven't noticed, I've been avoiding my blog these past couple of weeks, mainly because every time I look at it, I am reminded of how there's constantly about 10 million things on my to-do list and blogging just so happens to be number 10 million and one on that list. You feel me?

Anyways, enough of me sending my sob story out into an internet that will continue to move forward with or without my presence...

The month of May has been really really great. Currently, I'm still recovering from my Memorial Day weekend that was filled with camping trips (obvi), barbecues (duh), and being a poolside diva while letting the sun turn my skin into at least 4 different ethnicities. Seriously, you should see me naked.  

(I might regret that last sentence, but I'm not gonna take it back.) 


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nobody likes you when you're 23

sweater: hm
jeans: hm
bag: uo 
boots: lucky via nordstrom 

You guys, I turned 23. 

I spent my birthday weekend in the company of the greatest, most perfect humans who, despite what Blink-182 says, still actually like me when I'm 23. They like me so much they fed me multiple times, they made THIS thing for me which legitimately made me cry in the middle of a Cracker Barrel, they took me to see my main girl Ellie Goulding, they late-night cuddled with me, they coordinated outfits with me, they took me to more concerts, and even sang with me while I played guitar on a mountainside. Does life get any better than that?

So, here's a special thank you to all those who made my weekend the bees knees, my parents for creating me (ew ew ew ew) and for always celebrating my birthday despite the fact that it's also their anniversary, Ellie Goulding for being my ultimate girl crush/main motivation to do ab workouts, and also, cupcakes. 

Honorable mention goes to online shopping because screw it, I've gone 23 years without dying so I think I deserve some new shoes. 


Monday, April 28, 2014


There's a certain point on University Parkway in Provo that inclines just enough that you can see the entirety of the city in one incredible view. It only last for a couple seconds, but in that minuscule span of time you can see everything from spire of the Provo temple to BYU's Kimball Tower. You can see everything from Y mountain, even down to the giant windmills of Spanish Fork canyon. On my drive home the other night, as I passed that familiar point for the 10,000th time, I realized that among the landmarks that make this city what it is are the landmarks that make me who I am. In the past 5 years, I've grown into this city, but even more so, this city and all the little bits that are encompassed by it have grown into me.

It was here that I gained an education, both inside the classroom, and out. It was here that I met some of the greatest people on this good earth and was given the privilege of calling them my best friends. It was here that I discovered and rediscovered my passions and strengths and the difference I could make in other people's lives through my talents. It was here that I had trials of faith, felt the crippling defeat of self-doubt, the sting of heartbreak, and the triumph of learning to love myself. It was here that I gained a real and true testimony of God as I have repeatedly seen His hand work miracles in my life and those around me. In my 5 years here, I have cried, I have laughed, I have loved, and I have lost. But more than anything, I have learned.

For all these things, I am grateful. I am grateful for my education, which I understand is a privilege not afforded to many. I am grateful for the experiences it has brought me, both good and bad, that have shaped me into the person I've become. Most of all, I am grateful for the sacrifices of others that allowed me the wonderful opportunity to attend Brigham Young University. As I pass this landmark in my life, I am absolutely terrified and exhilarated as I face an uncertain future. My schooling may be done, but my education doesn't end here. I'll always be a student at heart.


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