Thursday, April 24, 2014

Life Lately By the Numbers

jacket: hm
dress: hm
shoes: vans (vans aren't your thing? black leather chucks here too)

4 // The amount of hours I've slept in the past 3 days. 

3 // The average number of ex-boyfriends you're bound to run into when you go to campus without showering, putting on make-up, and getting out of your pajamas.  

998 // The number of games of minesweeper I've played since downloading the app a month ago.

7 // The number of times I've actually beat it.

22 // The age I was when I figured out there was a strategy to minesweeper besides randomly 
clicking on tiles and hoping they don't have bombs. 

375 // The price of a ticket to Coachella. In addition, approximately the same number of moments this past weekend I wished I was at Coachella.

0.5 // The number of Rancheritos tacos I can eat before regretting it. 

3 // The number of Rancheritos tacos I still eat anyways because...

1 // The number of times You Only Live


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Everything is gonna be All-White

top: c/o ToAdorn
jeans: nordstrom
sweater: gap (similar)
sandals: ae (similar here and here)

Tomorrow marks the first day of my last finals week ever in my life, or at least until I realize I can't make any money with a Bachelors in Family Science and have to go back to school. I decided to celebrate by doing absolutely nothing. I can call that celebrating because there's actually a ton I have to get done today and instead, I'm laying on my couch eating chocolate chip pancakes, which we all know are really just giant cookies in disguise.

I'd also like to thank everyone for their sweet comments on my last post. During times like these, it's nice to know that others can relate to what you're going through (read: I get some sort of sick satisfaction from knowing that we're all suffering together).

I don't know anything except that everything will work out eventually.

And in case it doesn't, stick around for part two, in which Lauren has a physical, mental, and emotional meltdown. That should be fun.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rivers and Roads

sweater: thrifted
skirt: f21 (similar)
boots: c/o shoe carnival
necklace: c/o mindy mae's market

Disclaimer: Brace yourself for an insurgence of nostalgia on my blog for the next couple of days. It might be best if we just sing along to this song and cry a little bit together. Is that okay?

I've said too many goodbyes this week. I've experienced a hefty amount of lasts. I've closed a good chapter or two. Some of these things have been a little more reluctant than others. Though I have a lot of faith in the decisions I have made and the direction I'm going, I can't help but look back every once in a while and hold tiny funerals in my heart for the people I've been and the lives I've lived in the past.

I'm a strong believer in moving forward, but today I can be sad. Today I can mourn for the people and things and lives I have left behind along the way. Today I can miss them.


Monday, April 7, 2014

10 Things You Need To Know About Me If We're Going To Be BFFs

dress: gap (similar)
necklace: diy
shoes: clarks
photos by Emma Vidmar Photography

About a hundred years ago, my internet homegirl Bri tagged me in this fun little post and I'm just now getting around to doing it because being a fashion blogger/unemployed is sooo time-consuming and stressful you wouldn't even understand. I'm kidding, I'm just lazy. Anyways, I'm also writing this to help me help you figure out if you're going to by my new best friend so let's get to it, shall we?

1. First and foremost, I was highly considering naming this post "Garden Hoe" because I'm a master at double entendres and I thought it was funny. So what I'm trying to say is that I think stupid things are funny.

2. I have this weird OCD about expired food. I'm constantly checking expiration dates on packaged food and I have to check bread and cheese meticulously for mold before I can eat it. I'm not crazy... But I am.

3. I spill something on myself at least 4 times a day.

4. If you haven't seen at least one of the following then I don't think you will understand a single word I say: Mean Girls, Nacho Libre, Good Neighbor YouTube videos, and this.

5. I have a very real issue with sleeping. As in, I don't do it.

6. If you fall asleep anywhere near me, I will take a picture of it. That is non-negotiable.

7. My love language is mix CDs.

8. I'm a cuddler. I nuzzle. I'll hold your arm when we're walking together. I hug even when I know you're going for the handshake. I am no respecter of personal space.

9. Yes, I would love to go shopping with you and help you pick out clothes. Is that even a question?

10. I'm THE WORST at texting. And calling people back. And writing people back. And communicating in general. The best way to get ahold of me is via messenger owl or snapchat (selfies only).

So there you have it. Let's think of this more as a disclaimer for our friendship so you know exactly what you're getting yourself into.

P.S. I also tag Shannon of Clad & Cloth (because she caught me eating by myself at Cafe Rio this weekend), Birdie and Holly of Clean Enough Laundry, and Toyosi of Standard T. Let's just get real and transparent, ok?


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April's Fool

sweater: hm (similar) (also, loving this one)
pants: target (similar here and here)
beanie: hm
shoes: converse

I'm just gonna go ahead and say that I hate April Fool's day because I'm pretty sure it's the reason I have trust issues. Every year I turn into this manic paranoid agoraphobic, and I never want to leave my house because I think everyone's out to get me. I can pinpoint my aversion to this holiday to 2008 when my (so-called) best friend put me on the emotional roller coaster of my life when she duped me into thinking I was getting free backstage meet n' greet passes to a Britney Spears concert, and it's only gotten worse since then. 

So good luck out there and trust no one, y'all. (April Fools. I'm not from the south.)


Friday, March 28, 2014

You can have a boyfriend, and you can have boyfriend jeans...

Photos by Emma Vidmar Photography
tee: gap
sweater: f21 (old)
jeans: gap
boots: clarks (similar here and here)
bag: army surplus (also loving this one)

... but you can't have both.

I just realized that it's ironic that they're called "boyfriend jeans" when any boy I've ever dated actually hates when I wear them. A real life conversation that occurred when I first bought these jeans went something like this:

Me: "Hey do you like my new jeans?"
Boy: "Ummm. Yeah. That whole 'man crotch' thing is in style right?"

I still don't know what he meant by "man crotch". Needless to say, the jeans are still in my life and he isn't, so...

Moral of the story: Who needs men when you have clothes, am I right?


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What happens when you're a fashion blogger who hates wearing clothes

top: gap
jeans: f21
coat: c/o sheinside
necklace: c/o the green brocade
shoes: hm
beanie: hm

I just want you to know that 96% of the time, I'm probably wearing this exact outfit or some kind of variation of it: Oversized shirt, jacket, skinnies, tennies, beanies. All the -nies. Maybe a necklace if I'm feeling extra sassy.

I'm still trying to reconcile the fact that I'm a fashion blogger, yet sometimes I feel so lost when I try to dress myself. A typical morning usually involves me pulling everything out of my closet, trying on a bunch of things, having a major identity crisis when I realize I don't even know what my style is anymore, giving up and wishing I could join a nudist colony, then ultimately putting on this outfit and calling it good.

Still considering the nudist colony thing though.


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